Meet Theodora

Theodora is an interior designer born in Greece who is established in Singapore the last decate. Fascinated by the magic of the exotic influences and motivated by her love for new trends and environmentally friendly products she visioned irregular lines where people would be able to approach a new way of decoration, find solutions and get inspired in order to create a whole new world just by a click.

Theodora has an unmatched eye for curating, sourcing and designing natural, boho and rustic interior and exterior places by giving a touch of exotic and earthy conciousness. With a 20 years and more experience on her back , Theodora developped this fast growing online platform where all interior designing “freaks” would have an easy access.

She adores minimal lines, pure materials, sustainable way of living. Her unceasing spirit and her need of expressing herself found this way out by giving the chance to people who share the same love for decortion and new trends.

Follow Theodora, get influenced by her proposals and set yourselves free to the dream!

Theodora is a Greek Interior Designer with extensive experience working on a variety of projects around the globe: Residential | Offices | F&B | Boutique hotels | Art Exhibition curating.

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