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    Our Mission

Irregular Lines Pte Ltd is an interior design firm working on various projects from F&B | Offices | Boutique Hotels | Residentials |

Our Primary activity is interior design consultancy, where we work on end-to-end projects, helping clients design and transform their living or working spaces.

This includes conceptualisation, presentation mood boards, space planning, material selection and project management. 

Home Decor Import: In addition to our interior design services, we also import home decor items. These imported products are likely used in our interior design projects to enhance the aesthetics of our spaces. 

E-commerce:  We sell home décor items imported through external wholesale purchasers or consignments with Singapore-based retail businesses. Customers may explore and purchase our imported items through our online store. 

Art Exhibition installations:  Installations of artwork for exhibitions in various settings, such as galleries, museums, or other cultural facilities, are referred to as art exhibition installations. This is a specialty service that we provide in addition to our interior design and home decor services. We provide digital art curation for galleries situated outside of Singapore, as well as physical art curation for local exhibits. 

Combining interior design services with home decor import and sales can be a strategic move to offer a complete package to our clients. They can benefit from our expertise in design and also have access to a curated selection of home decor items that match our design vision. This can create a seamless experience for clients looking to transform their living or office spaces.

Our Philosophy...

Our Philosophy...

Our natural world is abundant with inspiring elements.

Land , rocks, trees, water , sky-all hold universal images.

The creation made by combining these five elements alone are endless.Introducing the texture of rattan and seagrass, stone , light and repurpose wood and fabrics are just some of the ways we can explore the ways nature can shape and change our environment and our mindset, helping us live in a way that is an expression of our true natures.

Simply put, for those of us who choose it, the elements of landscape offer a life-enhancing opportunity, challenging us to develop our unique, individual style.

To those who appreciate a creative, exquisite, and unique lifestyle, we deliver.

What Our Customers Say

  • 5/5 Andreas GorosTheodora of Irregular Lines undertook the design and renovation of the new office of our company Hellenic Overseas Maritime Ent. in Singapore in June 2018. Her design ideas, quality of work as well as the final cost were beyond our expectations. A couple of years later, in August 2020, she undertook the interior design of my apartment with the same amazing results. I would strongly recommend her services without any hesitation.
  • 5/5 Maria MichaDora from Irregular Lines is an imaginative interior designer with vast knowledge of textures, shapes, volume and colours. She can turn any dull space into a gorgeous functional space that you don’t want to get out from. I highly recommend her for her artistic qualities and her outstanding communication skills. She swiftly perceives the end result the client wants; even before the client is aware of what he wants


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