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Our team comprises five diverse nationalities, including Greek, French, Phillipino, Myanmar, and Indonesian, who specialise in interior and product design. We produce bespoke products that are sold to wholesalers and retailers worldwide. We collaborate with qualified architects and interior designers based on special project requests and we can provide detailed drawings for all custom designs with zero tolerance for mistakes.
To make sourcing from Asia less stressful for you, we provide quality control services.
Over 25 years of experience in the furniture and design industries, with over 200 projects completed globally and over 10,000 satisfied customers. Distance does not scare us we fly everywhere the need arises.
  • projects

    More than 200 projects completed worldwide. With zero tolerance for errors, our team of five designers can handle any request for special customisation based on individual projects.

  • locations

    Our suppliers located across Asia Indonesia China Vietnam Thailand

  • experience

    25 year of experience in interior design , product design and bespoke furniture customisation.

  • materials

    Sustainable sourcing . Ethical and environmental performance factors into the process of selecting suppliers.

  • quality control

    FLYING across Asia to provide you 100% Quality control and ensure that every piece meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability

How it Works

  • 01. Getting to know each other

    As soon as you register for our communication channel, you will receive our catalogue.For custom designs, in order to give you an accurate quotation, we also need a picture or detailed drawings with the desired finished

  • 02. Quotation Proposal

    After the first step is finished, you will receive a quote proposal, and 40% of the total amount due will be required to begin the fabrication. In light of this, a payment invoice will be issued. Our MOQ is 10pcs for existing designs and 20pcs for custom designs.

  • 03. Agreement & Production

    Production will commence upon receipt of the deposit. 45 to 60 days, depending on the amount. Before beginning large-scale productions, we create a masterpiece for every item and share it with you for approval. Every little detail will be communicated to you, along with pictures through every step of the process.

  • 04. Completion

    Upon completion of step one, a quotation proposal will be submitted to you and a payment of 40% is required to begin the fabrication. A payment invoice will be sent accordingly. Our MOQ is 10 pieces for existing designs and 30pcs for custom designs

Everybody Loves Us

Some of our recent reviews

  • 5/5 Ioanna DoimasIrregular Lines interior designing seamlessly integrates natural elements, creating spaces that exude harmony and tranquility. Dora’s keen eye for incorporating organic materials, such as wood and stone, fosters a connection with nature indoors. The result is a refreshing and timeless design that brings a sense of serenity to any environment.
  • 5/5 Charalampos PappasWorking with Dora felt like working with a close friend really keen to build a house where our would be happy and comfortable. She brings a unique blend of practicality and high-end design. We will definitely work with her again in our next project
  • 5/5 Aisha Hillary-MorganHigh quality, unique pieces and excellent service. Fantastic communication and look forward to sourcing more beautiful pieces from Irregular Lines. Highly recommend.

Environmental Policy :

Irregular Lines Pte Ltd offers consumers a variety of products and services via innovative design solutions. We are committed to minimizing any negative environmental consequences linked with our commercial activities, and we are primarily based in Singapore and other regions of South-East Asia.
All our partners, producers and suppliers belong to FSC label that supports responsible forestry and all of our pieces are based on the 3R policy (REDUCE_RECYCLE_REUSE)

Reliable partners

Our factory and warehouse are located in Blk Karang Malang RT 007 RW 001 Desa Bodesari Kec. Plumbon Kab Cirebon Indonesia

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Every client is different. Relationships underpin every project, and happy relationships depend on strong partnerships. Please contact us if you have any inquiries, would like to receive our most recent catalogues, or would like more information about our staff and the services we can provide.

theodora@irregularlines.com, hello@irregularlines.com


Head Office:
210 loyang Avenue
Singapore 509063

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday
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