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Stylish storage cabinets that will impress!

Stylish storage cabinets that will impress you!

How many times have you thought of having more storage for those  extra items that accumulate, especially in the kitchen and living room? Somehow cupboards never seem to be enough! It is a challenge to find useful, yet stylish, furniture pieces that fit nicely into a space without overloading it. 

Unique wooden cabinets offered by Irregular Lines  

Below you will find a few of the many handmade, unique wooden cabinets - perfect for storing clothes, shoes, decorations, wines, books etc. These furniture pieces can be easily combined with any interior style, due to their natural finish. They are handcrafted from reclaimed elm wood, combined with different materials, with the end result being nostalgic, romantic and modern.

Chest of Drawers/Bintang

This handmade chest of six drawers in natural tones is a perfect choice for those who want extra storage for clothes or additional space in a children's room. 
Due to its simple and modern lines, it can also be used in the kitchen or dining area to store throws, tableware, towels etc.

With its trendy, retro design, it evokes a fashionably nostalgic touch to any home.
The beauty of this piece lies in the detail - the modern design of the support base, the retro-inspired intrinsic webbing of the drawers, upper surface and the side perimeter panels.


This chest coordinates beautifully with the Bintang Wardrobe and Bintang Divider
Materials are Teakwood frame & Webbing 


Give your space a rustic look with the sideboard Lilly

Stunning furniture piece handcrafted from reclaimed elm wood.

A must for your dining area, this unique sideboard piece will upgrade your dining experience.

Simply classic and timeless in its design, this sideboard includes four pull out drawers - perfect for storing cutlery, tablecloths and serving items.

Behind the three large double cupboards, each with a separate dividing shelf, perfect for storing crockery, glasses or ornaments. Another useful location could be in a bedroom creating additional storage space.                        

Wonderful textured surface

Creates warmth to your space

Highlights your

favorite decorative items


 Another handmade furniture piece from our recycled elm wood collection is the Shoe & Storage Cabinet Alex.    

Perfectly placed at the home’s entrance to store shoes or immediate essentials.
Its simple lines and natural finish can be combined with many different interior styles and it is versatile as a TV or media console or as a side buffet table at a dinner party.

This furniture piece is ideal for guesthouses or boutique hotels, as a breakfast buffet serving station … imagine two-three pieces together - what a beautiful lasting impression that would make!


The cabinet above (traditional Chinese medicine (apothecary) cabinet/chest of drawers) is a secretly coveted piece by all!

Historically used to store herbs, the 20-individual pull out storage drawers adds functionality and purpose to this eye-catching rustic reproduced wooden furniture piece. Handcrafted from reclaimed elm wood, this traditional Chinese medicine (apothecary) cabinet/chest of drawers will add a bit of history and far eastern charm to any home.

Pay attention to the detail and its elegant shape.  



The furniture piece that wine lovers will adore!
Triple storage space available in this wine cabinet handcrafted from reclaimed elm wood.

This beautiful single wooden piece provides multiple storage options, from the individualised wine bottle grid, to the hanging glassware cubbies with a large lower double door cabinet.


Its slim, narrow and tall design allows it to fit in any area, from the kitchen to the living room and will elevate your space with its natural rustic charm.

Handcrafted from reclaimed elm wood, Irregular lines presents a handful of their large wooden collection. Timeless, simple and practical wooden furniture pieces made in Bali that will beautify any space. Made by people with passion, made for people with taste.



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