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Light Up Your Life With These Unique Pendant Lights!

Summer is a beautiful time of the year when we open our homes and gardens  to dear family and friends, to share in creating moments of hospitality, laughter and tranquillity.

Now is the time to decorate your garden, balconies and patio’s etc, and to create beautiful spaces inside your home. 

Proper lighting can make all the difference in a space and a lamp shade can add to the decor as well as enhance the mood. That’s why it's very important to consider the type of light you need and Irregular Lines is here to help. 

What pendant light should I choose?

Irregular Lines has a wide range of hanging pendant lamps made from natural materials such as rattan, wood, rope and seagrass. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, material compositions and summer shades.

Thalassa Rattan Pendant Light

Inspired by the beautiful Greek islands of sun, sea and sand, natural and synthetic rattan is woven together in this pendant light, bringing a touch of subdued colour to your space.

This type of lighting specially illuminates a targeted area to enable you to see more clearly as it casts light downwards, with its open bottom base. For example, hanging this pendant light above a kitchen island will light up the cutting, preparing and serving area.

Unique pendant light that can be used in many different places, inside and outside of your home.

    Horizon Trilogy Rattan Pendant Light

    Ambient lighting, the opposite of task lighting, subtly illuminates the entire room, rather than targeting a particular spot. 

    Consider the size and shape of your kitchen counter or island and choose fixtures that are proportionately sized. Don't be afraid to go big. Even on smaller counters, it's better to use larger pendant lights than many tiny ones. Larger fixtures have a much bigger impact and can liven up a neutral kitchen.

    Extraordinary, beautiful handmade Irregular Lines pendant light made of seagrass. Its colours are a gentle reminder of how our perception of a horizon is subject to change depending on time and space.

    Paeonia Rattan Bell Pendant Light

    These handcrafted two-toned natural and white rattan pendant lamp shades are available in three various sizes, which can be bought as a set or individually. The uniqueness of its two-toned colouring provides versatility for any home decor from coastal to bohemian rustic.

    The set of three can be hung as a focal point over a kitchen island or counter, dining table, entry hall or even an outside patio. Individually it can be used as a bedside lampshade, nursery or any bedroom.

     Macrame Hanging Light

    Beautifully handmade, this adorable and unique macrame piece will bring a boho-inspired style to your space. Made from durable rope and hand knotted into a beautiful pattern and accentuated with beads, it can be hung over a table in the garden or in a bedroom adding a touch of playfulness and magic.

    Doris Rattan Pendant Light

    Minimalist or maximalist interior style. Boho or Classic. Handcrafted from rattan, the wooden-like characteristics of this lamp shade are great for a retro interior design, sea-side inspired kitchens, dining rooms, or bedrooms. 

    Natural lighting that will beautify and perfect your space!

    For further inspiration in creating your own lighting compositions, please visit Irregular Lines for our full range of hanging pendant lamps handcrafted from natural materials.  


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