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Why is it important to use side tables?

Why is it important to use side tables?

Find out why, in the following article

Coffee tables are an economical, inexpensive and fast way to renew the style in every area of our home inside and outside. As easy to use and functional, they complete the feeling of hospitality and warmth in our space.


In recent years, all the situations that have arisen, have created the need to live in our personal space more than ever before.
It was common for many people to live together in the same environment at the same time.

Side tables offer a range of solutions such as leaving books, a cup of coffee, or some decorative items or offer our guests the opportunity to feel comfortable and welcomed by leaving their personal belongings on them

After all, what could be better than places that exude warmth, hospitality and create a good mood for both us and our visitors !?


In addition, the side tables come in different shapes, are made of various materials and suit many decoration styles. They are small and easily transported in the rooms and we comfortably call them Passepartout furniture.

Singapore side tables are created from natural materials of exceptional durability and quality such as rattan wood, teak wood, suar wood, and a mix of wood with concrete, come in natural shades that match all styles of furniture and decoration.


Where can we place the side tables?

The answer is everywhere!
Wherever we need extra space immediately, next to a sofa, an armchair, as a piece of auxiliary furniture in the dining room or, why not, next to the bathtub if space allows it. You can also use them in gardens or terraces easily!

What should you consider when buying a side table?

There are so many styles, designs and materials available that it is often difficult to choose the right one!

First of all

  1. Size 
No matter where you place the tables, they should be at such a height that you can comfortably reach where you are sitting or where you are relaxing.
Make sure their dimensions are appropriate because most are more or less the same height It is also important to maintain the right balance with the rest of the furniture in the room.
Bulky and many items will fit better with smaller and more elegant side tables or the opposite.

  1. Shape

    You should take into account the shape and style of the rest of the furniture in your space so that you can choose the one that suits you best.
    If you have a classic decoration then prefer to sweeten their strict lines by choosing a more modern and simple side table. Otherwise, modern and simple decor can easily accept a more solid and classic piece.

It's like a game!
Ιf you have a rectangular coffee table you can combine it with a round side table or the opposite The many curves in the furniture will create balance if they match geometric patterns It's all a matter of taste and imagination!

  1. Use
The side tables, as their name suggests, loosen our hands in time of need but can comfortably complete the decoration of our space.
They are beautifully placed on the side of sofas with some decorations and a stylish lamp, next to beds, small and easy to move as they facilitate us in a large meal by placing drinks or dishes on them.
Look how harmoniously all the pieces fit in this bright bedroom!

  1. Material durability.
Τhe choice of the appropriate side table depends on its use and location.
Singapore side tables are made of durable materials, such as Teak, Rattan and Suar wood gives you the opportunity to use them in terraces, gardens and pools, pieces that will withstand the weather.


Our home is the place where we rest, relax, meet friends, live with our loved ones and have fun.

Why not do all this with style, convenience and practicality?
        Put your imagination to work and create pleasant living spaces.


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