Using day beds in our daily lives - IrregularLines

Using day beds in our daily lives

Using day beds in our daily lives
Find out why you should get them!

If you like to enjoy relaxing moments during the day, hosting friends who came suddenly or want to furnish the exterior of your home then you should consider getting one or more Rattan day beds.

What exactly is a day bed?

These are pieces of furniture that have the use of a bed and a sofa together, combining features from both. 

Many have headboards and footrests, in concave or flat shape and legs like sofas making them ideal for use in living rooms, guest bedrooms and outdoors. 

Daybeds are also optimal for vacation or rental homes where sleeping areas are often not enough.

They have comfortable mattresses and fluffy decorative cushions and fit uniquely into any style of decoration due to their natural appearance.


Handmade Singapore Rattan day bed available from Irregular Lines with sofa-shaped frame and decorative wooden element in concave form.

It has wonderful bindings at the joints, with pillows that are attached to the edges of the bed without hiding the oval pattern created there.

Why choose a Singapore Rattan day bed?

Because these are simply unique handmade beds made from the best quality Singapore rattan wood. 

They have a beautiful design with wonderful natural finishes as you can see in the picture below.

Cilia day bed with mattress in Boho style piece that its design will surely seduce you!

It fits both in modern home decoration exuding majestic filling such as in classic giving a note of renewal and relaxation to the atmosphere.

Surely you can imagine yourself reading a book or doing a siesta on this comfortable mattress and soft cushions! Is not that right?

If you still want something in a simple and unpretentious design but equally quality and beautiful piece, then you have to choose the day bed Mayorca!

Eco-friendly design made of teak wood that retains its natural curvature and exudes childhood.


There is no doubt that day beds cover many needs, whether used for a bed or a sofa.

Suitable for personal use but also for your social events or your guests, they are sure to charm everyone because there are special handmade pieces that withstand the passage of time and difficult weather conditions.


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