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The 8 Best Rattan Coffee Tables in Singapore of 2021

Picking a coffee table for the living room might sound easy, but you might start thinking otherwise once you enter the store. But upon further rumination, you’d realize the variations of coffee tables Singapore has to offer are unfathomable.

Firstly, it should have the right length and width. It should be proportionate to the space and the furniture around it. Secondly, the design must also harmonize with the existing décor. Lastly, you should choose a material that suits your lifestyle: are you going to put it on the patio? Do you need storage for miscellaneous items?

These are the general guidelines when searching for the best coffee table for you.

1.Mario Coffee Table

Round coffee table made of white-painted rattan with a teakwood top

The Mario Coffee Table can serve as the focal point in a Bohemian-styled home. However, its fresh appeal is excellent for any space that needs a textural addition.

The basket base features clean lines painted in white and supports a teak top—this table has extra storage space for some living room essentials.

Material: Rattan, teak

Dimensions: D 60cm x 45cm H 

Color: Natural top/ White base

2.Berlin Coffee Table

Round coffee table made of rattan with magazines on top

If you want your home to feel more relaxed, the Berlin Coffee Table can do the job.

It can serve as the centerpiece of a room, with its graceful lines creating a stunning pattern that can easily catch attention. The nonchalant shapes also bring an air of modernity to the room.

Whether you’re into luxe Bohemian or laidback Scandinavian, this rattan coffee table can play well with various décor and can an exciting texture to any space.

Material: Rattan

Dimensions: D75cm(top) x D82cm (bottom) x 40cm H

Color: Natural

3.Hawaii Coffee Table

Coffee table with a base made of driftwood and a tempered glass top

The Hawaii Coffee Table accurately represents eclectic style as it combines different materials into a single masterpiece.

Add a layer of personality to your living room with this rustic décor. It is made of natural whitewashed driftwood arranged into a circle. The glass top adds a touch of modernity, and if you peek just a little closer, you’ll see the exciting teak base.

This coffee table is eco-friendly statement furniture which will surely start a lot of conversations.

Material: Driftwood, tempered glass

Dimensions :1.00cm x 40cm H

4.Rattan Symphony Coffee Table

An oval-shaped rattan coffee table with a potted plant on top

Are you looking for statement furniture for your spacious living room?

The Rattan Symphony Coffee Table might be what you’ve been looking for!

Made of natural rattan, it brings warmth to any space. Its gentle curves neutralize modern elements around it while complementing traditional décor. 

This coffee table is long enough for large sofa sets, which is beneficial if you often host gatherings. Both ends of the table offer extra space for your remote, extension wire, magazines, or any other item you need easy access to in the living room. 

Because it is made of a natural material, it is a favorite choice of eco-conscious homeowners.

Material: Natural rattan

Dimensions :1.70cm x 80cm x 45cm H

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    5. Rattan Round Coffee Table

Rattan coffee table with a glass top

Transform your favorite nook and you’re tired of the old square rattan coffee table, consider the Rattan Round Coffee Table!

This piece of furniture can bring a fresh vibe to any space. Made of natural rattan with a tempered glass top, it’s a lovely blend of tradition and modernism.

Material: Rattan coffee table with tempered glass top

Dimensions: D 60cm and D80cm

Color: Natural 


6. Nana Round Table/Tray

Circular coffee table made of closely-knitted rattan and a rattan base

Wrapped in neutral tones, the Nana Round Table is a striking piece that can reflect your sophisticated taste. 

This coffee table is the perfect furniture if you want the room to have a touch of both cottage and upscale style. The bordered tabletop can safely hold your coffee pot, mugs, and decorative items. 

It is lightweight and treated for both indoor and outdoor use. You can get it in three different sizes to be combined or just pick one.

Material: Natural and synthetic rattan


Large: D70cm x 50cm H,

Medium: D60cm x 38cm H,

Small : D50cm x 28cm H

7. Picnic Basket/Table

Picnic basket made of rattan with a teak lid

Are you into country-inspired furniture? Do you prefer dining outdoors? If your answer to these questions is “Yes,” then you’ve just found the best coffee table for you.

The PicNic Basket/Table is made of top-rated natural rattan with a teak lid that serves as the table. The storage space is insulated to regulate the temperature of your food and beverages.

You can set this table in the living room during weekdays and grab it for a beach trip during weekends.

Material: Natural rattan and teak

Dimension: D 40cm top x D 29cm bottom x 35cm H

8. Indian Coffee Table with Glass Top

Coffee table with a teakwood base and glass top

No one would be able to ignore the Indian Coffee Table with Glass Top despite its simple style. 

This coffee table is made of teakwood with a narrow flat base, providing it with excellent stability. The body features a nicely jagged look as if it’s from ancient times when sharp tools were not available yet. Surrounding the base is a white geometric etching that adds character to the entire table. 

Material: Teakwood and glass top

Dimensions: D 35cm x 48cm H with glass top

Rattan furniture pieces can fit a wide range of home designs—from Bohemian and cottage to mid-century upscale and modern. With just some creativity and high-quality furniture and décor, you can increase the aesthetic value of your space. Find the best rattan furniture Singapore has to offer here.


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