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2 Solid Wood Dining Tables On Sale In Singapore That Will Last For Ages

A beautiful solid wood dining table


Solid wood dining tables are a worthy investment. Unlike the flimsy, mass-produced dining tables, their solid-wood counterpart can be built by hand and customized according to your style and preference. As a result, you’ll have a unique piece of furniture that you can pass on to your family for generations to come.

However, buying your first solid wood dining table can be terrifying, especially if you’re ordering online. That’s because you want it to stay with your family for years, and messing it up can be frustrating. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you buy.

What type of wood should you choose?

Can you use a stain on it?

What’s seating capacity should I choose?

Before you decide on buying a solid wood dining table, it’s better to know a few essential details. But first things first, let’s answer these questions.

Are solid wood dining tables suitable for your home?

If you want a dining table that you can pass to your family for generations and is easy to maintain, solid wood is your best choice. Thanks to its unique grain patterns, solidity, and color, a solid wood dining table can give your home a new character.

On the other hand, mass-produced veneer-coated dining tables are weaker and have a more considerable resale value than solid wood. While solid wood is a higher investment, but if you maintain it properly, it can last for a couple of years and become a prized heirloom.

Furthermore, solid wood becomes harder over the years, making the furniture resistant to disintegration and rot. What’s even better, you can sand it easily and stain to give it a fresh, new look. These unique characters make solid wood furniture a rewarding investment.

Here are other advantages of solid wood furniture

Which type of wood is best for a dining table?

Dining tables have different styles, sizes, and shapes, so choosing which type of wood can make a huge difference in your buying decision. Let’s take a look at some of the best woods used for dining tables.

Elm - Elm is a solid wood that works well with dining tables. It has incredible color and grain patterns which makes it a highly decorative furniture piece.

Beech - Beechwood features a salmon-type coloring and pore-like pattern. But what makes it a popular furniture piece is it doesn’t have a smell, and it’s naturally absorbent. For this reason, it’s good outdoor furniture or in damp and humid areas.

Oak - Oak is a solid wood which makes it a highly sought-after wood for dining tables. Another fantastic characteristic of this wood is its beautiful pattern and durability, which can withstand minor dents.

Pine - Pine is a budget-friendly choice for wood furniture. It’s a softwood that’s hugely available. But the most sought-after are reclaimed pine because it’s already hardened and aged.

Walnut - Walnut has beautiful patterns and a lot of shades which gives an urban feel. That’s why it’s often used as an industrial dining table.

Our Solid Wood Dining Table In Singapore

Are you itching to start shopping for your solid wood dining table? Let’s look at these items.

Ithaka Dining Table 6pa

Price: $2,600

Dinner dining table made from reclaimed teak wood

Family gatherings often take place at dinner tables. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a solid and durable solid wood dining table to share irreplaceable memories with loved ones. The Ithaka Dining Table will make sure you enjoy your favorite meals on special occasions.

It has a simple, robust design that will surely stand the test of time while being a witness to the many happy memories in generations to come.

The Ithaka dining table is handmade from reclaimed teak wood that makes it one-of-a-kind.

  • Material: Reclaimed Teak Wood
  • Dimensions: 200cm x 90cm (LxD)
  • Color: Natural (Unvarnished)

Rustic Teak Dining Table 

Price: $2,900

Rustic dinner table handmade from reclaimed teak wood

If you want a unique statement piece to your home that will last for generations? Check this Rustic Teak Dining Table. It’s made of reclaimed teak wood and handmade to create the perfect space for every family gathering.

  • Material: Reclaimed Teak Wood
  • Size: 220cm x 90cm (LxD)
  • Color: Natural (Unvarnished)

Honorable Mention: PicNic Basket/Table

Price: $215.00

PicNic basket/table

We can’t help but include this little gem made from rattan. While picnic baskets don’t usually qualify as dining tables, our PicNic basket can, in fact, double as a table. This basket is perfect for dates outdoors or get-togethers with the family.

Does the constant act of getting food in and out of the basket bother you? Just put the PicNic basket/table lid back on, and you instantly have a table.

What makes it better is the rattan material guarantees the quality of this product. If you’re looking for a sturdy outdoor dining companion, then look no further; you’ve found it in the PicNic basket/table. 

  • Material: Rattan
  • Dimension: 40cm top x 29cm bottom x 35cm height
  • Color: Natural
  • Conclusion

    A good solid wood dining table is a prized investment for your home. They compliment any home’s style and the owner’s personality, which is why they’re highly sought after. But the best thing of all, it can last a long time, making it one of the best heirlooms for the next generation.

    If you’re thinking about investing in a piece of solid wood furniture, a dining table is an excellent place to get started. Never has function and aesthetics melded together to create such a thing.

    We hope that we have helped you see the beauty and function of solid wood dining tables through this article. Do you want to dine in style? Go and purchase one of these beautiful pieces of furniture today.


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