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15 Best Rattan Lamp Shade That Will Make Your Space Look Incredible

A modern lamp shade beside desk decorations

If you want to make your house or private spaces have a relaxing ambiance, it's best to start with lighting. The brightness and glow of the room can instantly change the mood, especially if you pair it with pleasant scents and calming music. After all, we need a good rest after working and meeting with other people for a whole day.

To make this possible, you might want to try rattan lamp shades! Aside from their excellent construction and unique designs, they help soften the light and create faint glow patterns that you will surely love while enjoying your quality time.

Here are some of the best rattan lamp shades we have to offer for you!

Rattan Lamp

A hanging rattan lamp beside a plant

This rattan lamp has a simple yet dramatic shape that will instantly draw the attention of everyone inside the room. It makes a bold statement following the magic of natural tones and the texture of the material. You can put it indoors and outdoors due to its nice build and the rattan's ability to withstand different weather conditions.

The pattern of the lamp creates a cozy light effect that will surely make the room feel warmer than ever. If you are into natural textures and raw materials, then this is the one perfect for you.

Imaging attaching it to a hanging light beside your plants on Skopelos baskets. It is the perfect lamp to incorporate into your private spaces!

Material: Natural Rattan

Color: Natural 

Small: D40cm * H80cm

Inclusion: N/A

Bari Pendant Lamp

A hanging natural-colored woven rattan lamp

The fringed end of this shade makes a striking impression but will be a good choice depending on where you add it. The Bari Pendant Lamp is made of natural rattan that comes in the colors natural and black.

This small rattan lamp shade casts a filtering effect, so the light will not be as intense to the eyes. It will look great to your patio spaces and gazebos alongside Macrame hanging lights and Cilia Rattan Daybed with mattress.

Material: Natural Rattan

Color: Natural OR Black

Size: Small - D50cm * H45cm

Inclusion: N/A

Ibiza Pendant Lamp

A black rattan lamp with geometric patterns

If you prefer classy designs made from raw materials and natural fibers, then this black rattan lamp shade is the perfect option to choose! The delicate patterns of the Ibiza pendant lamp give off a pleasing, filtered light effect to the room.

The color of this lamp adds to the overall aesthetic of the room. Plus, it is also durable and more likely to last for years, given you are keeping it well and sound.

Material: Natural Rattan

Color: Black


Small - D35cm * H44cm

Medium - D50cm * H52cm

Big - D60cm * H63cm

Inclusion: N/A

Nest Rattan Pendant Lamp

A natural-toned rattan lamp on a bench beside seat pillows and table decorations

Are you looking for lamp shades with dramatic shapes and sizes? Then, you should try this Nest Rattan Pendant Lamp. It looks like a birdcage, and the natural tones compliment any styles and colors present in the home.

If you place this whether on your hanging lights or table lamps, you will be amazed by the almost magical effect it instantly gives.

Material: Rattan

Color: Natural

Dimensions: D11cm (top) * 30cm(bottom) *60cm H (including the ring)

Inclusion: N/A

Black Kariatis Light

A black rattan lamp with a striped pattern above a plant

For a modern-looking rattan lamp shade, the Black Kariatis Light is the perfect example of that. The color black makes it classy and timeless but can still complement your modern furniture and home accents. This is best to put in living spaces and bedrooms as it adds both color and texture to the area.

The narrow spacing of the pattern also allows the light to pass through softly, making the light not as blinding but nice enough to create an ambiance.

Material: Rattan

Dimension: D 45cm x 53cm H

Color: Black

Inclusion: N/A

Thalassa Light

A hanging white and blue egg-shaped rattan lamp

The Thalassa light can bring a pop of color to your home. This is perfect if you live near the coast because blue complements the color of the sea and beaches. However, this light still works well if you live in the Central area of Singapore.

This lampshade is made with a combination of natural and synthetic rattan to ensure its strength and durability. It can create a spotlight effect due to its dome shape that will be perfect in bedrooms, living rooms, and even patios.

Material: Natural & Artificial Rattan combination

Dimension: D 45cm x 53cm H

Color: White & Blue

Inclusion: N/A

White Bell Pendant Light

An egg-shaped rattan lamp with white accents on a wooden bench

The White Bell pendant light has a unique shape that will be one of your statement pieces upon installation. It has a natural and synthetic rattan combination accented in white. It gives off a romantic and playful vibe that will blend well in both indoors and outdoors.

The pattern also creates a distinct light effect that you will enjoy every time you use it. Picture using this lamp shade on a romantic dinner with your special someone, whether in your dining room or outdoor setup. Isn't it intimate?

Material: Natural & Synthetic Rattan

Color: Natural with White 

Dimensions: D50cm * 60cm Ht

Inclusion: Bulb holder and wiring

Village Pendant Light

A cone shaped rattan lamp in front of a beige-colored curtain

This beautiful village-style rattan lamp shade in Singapore is an excellent addition to your collection of furniture made from natural fibers and materials. The shape of the Village Pendant Lamp is similar to village houses back in the day, so it will be a good conversation starter if you choose to place it in your living room.

The knotted detail at the finishing line gives it a natural and more classic appearance as well. It will work well as an accent alongside wooden furnishings such as the Rattan Symphony Coffee Table and the Bintang Chest.

Material: Natural Rattan

Color: Natural 

Dimensions: D50cm * H70cm

Inclusion: Wiring and Cord

Tulip Pendant Light

A flower-shaped rattan lamp with a fishbone-like pattern hanging on a tree branch

Tulip Pendant Light has a sweet-looking tulip shape that looks gorgeous as indoor and outdoor lighting. The fishbone pattern also creates a nice effect, especially if you plan to install it as a garden light fixture.

It comes with a natural rattan color, making it easy to pair with other furniture and pops of different shades. It also works well around plants and bare walls as it creates a statement itself.

Material: Natural Rattan

Color: Natural 

Small: D50cm * H70cm

Inclusion: N/A

Rita Pendant Light

A hanging double layered bell-shaped rattan lamp above outdoor plants

It would be nice to pair your minimalist interior design with rattan accents and elements, and what is a better option to start with other than the Rita Pendant Light?

It is made of high-quality rattan and built with excellent craftsmanship, so you can guarantee that you are getting a great and long-lasting product. It blends well anywhere you pair with as it is simple yet beautiful in its way.

It also works well around plants as the natural color of this lamp shade is neutral. The double layer of patterns creates a light effect that will surely love at any time of the year.

Material: Rattan

Dimension: D 60cm x 40cm H

Color: Natural

Inclusion: N/A

Tes Pendant Light

A rattan lamp with white fishbone pattern accents behind champagne glasses

Inspired by the natural and exotic nature of Bali is the Tes Pendant Light. It is made with a combination of natural and synthetic rattan fibers, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. It is also handmade, so each pattern is one of a kind!

This boho-style piece is a truly eye-catching lamp shade that you can add anywhere in the room. It adds character and personality to the space, whether it’s in your dining table, kid's room, bedroom, or patio.

If you are looking for an undemanding yet adoring piece to incorporate into your home design, you can never go wrong with this rattan lamp.

Material: Rattan

Dimension: D 40cm x 70cm H

Color: Natural

Inclusion: Wiring, Cord, and Built

Effie Rattan Pendant Lamp

Big rattan lamps with white woven accents hanging from the ceiling

The Effie Rattan Pendant Lamp has a dramatic design and shapes perfect for patios, foyer, front porch, living areas, and bedrooms. It is made with natural and synthetic rattan, and the weaving design makes it unique from other rattan lamp shades.

The size of this piece is large, so you can also place them above mezzanines and stairways.

Material: Natural & Synthetic Rattan

Color: Natural

Dimensions: D50cm * 50cm Ht

Inclusion: Wiring and Bulb Holder

Doris Pendant Lamp

A hanging natural-toned rattan lamp hovering above outdoor plants

The great thing about Doris Pendant Lamp is it works well with both minimalist and maximalist styles. The same applies to Bohemian, classic, and modern designs. The versatility of these lamp shades makes it the perfect accent for bungalows, beach houses, kitchens, and more.

You can even mix it with other lamp shade designs, and it will blend well, all thanks to its unique design and natural tones.

Material: Rattan

Dimension: D 60cm x 55cm H

Color: Natural

Inclusion: N/A

Decadence Pendant Lamp

A fringed rattan lamp hanging above outdoor plants

The unique and eye-catching built of the Decadence Pendant lamp helps make it stand out wherever you choose to place it. The piece gives off a rustic and romantic vibe, especially if you install it in the dining room. You can use it as an addition for specific occasions or a simple gathering with family and friends.

If you have this at home, do not be surprised by the abundance of compliments you will receive with it.

Material: Rattan

Dimension: D 40cm x 55cm H

Color: Natural

Inclusion: N/A

Dusseldorf Lantern

 A small rattan lamp shade on a black carpet beside a small table

This cute yet gorgeous cylinder-shaped rattan lantern can serve as a solid base for your candles and other light sources. The Dusseldorf lantern can be placed on tables, on the ground, or hanging depending on what you want to do with it.

It produces a warm and welcoming glow that your guests will surely appreciate upon entering the area.

Material: Rattan

Dimensions: D 35cm x 45cm H

Color: Grey

Inclusion: N/A

Advantages Of Using Rattan 

A hanging rattan lamp shade in white background

Rattan is a staple material for furniture, especially for people who enjoy the bohemian style. However, choosing this material for home accents has more advantages other than its given beautiful appearance.


Rattan is a type of palm fiber that is renewable and sustainable, making it an eco-friendly material to use for different items. It is also known for its durability. Wicker furniture and other products made of rattan tend to last longer than other materials.

Most homeowners include durability on their list when selecting what furniture to buy. The strong fiber of rattan is flexible and can be twisted to make specific details on the piece. You can enjoy rattan furniture both indoors and outdoors for a long time, even with constant use.

It also works great for families with small children as rattan is resistant to stain and does not wear quickly with time and stress.


One of the things homeowners look at when choosing a good piece is the price. Not all expensive furniture and home accents are guaranteed durable and long-lasting.

It is better to find them easy to take care of, affordable, and sturdy. The best choice that you can get with that is rattan.

It is economical, practical, and cost-effective. It lasts just as long as wood products as well. If you are looking for uniqueness and durability on a budget, then this one's for you.


You can usually see rattan products used in patios and outdoor spaces because it works well with different weather conditions. However, it is also an excellent option for indoors as well nowadays.

You can combine traditional and contemporary styles with rattan anywhere in your home. It looks timeless and simple, but that doesn't take away that it makes a bold statement.

You can incorporate rattan products in modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian themes. It has a charm that suits any room with its undeniable finesse and simplicity.

Taking Care Of Rattan

A close-up photo of natural rattan

Rattan is stain-resistant in general, but due to its construction, it sometimes develops dust and dirt buildups along with its nooks and crannies. It would help if you cleaned the pieces with a vacuum or an upholstery brush weekly to prevent stubborn buildups from forming. You should also do a thorough cleaning once a month with a damp towel or wet brush.

Rattan pieces owners must also know that it is necessary to do an annual inspection for mold and mildew as they can grow from the material's fiber splits.

Tools Needed For Cleaning

  • Duster
  • Vacuum with brush
  • Cloths
  • Small brush
  • Gloves
  • Dull knife (optional)
  • Two buckets
  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Bleach
  • Linseed oil

Weekly Cleaning

Remove dust from the surface

You can use a microfiber or a duster to clean the surface of the rattan piece. If it has hard-to-reach areas, you can also use an upholstery brush to do so. This will prevent soil buildup in the splits and weaving.

If you see any stubborn dirt, use a soft brush to remove the dust in the corners.

Remove the stains

It is necessary to instantly remove spills of food, drink, and muddy paws from the rattan to prevent staining of the material. Remember not to rub them as they can seep deeper into the fibers.

If there are solids, use a dull knife to scrape them off the woven fibers lightly. You can also use a toothbrush to loosen deep-seated dirt from the corners. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe out excess mud, then allow the rattan to dry naturally.

Monthly Cleaning

Before doing a monthly cleaning, ensure that you already did the weekly cleaning that removes surface dirt and stains from food and drinks spills.

  1. Mix a cleaning solution. To do this, mix four cups of water with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Stir the mixture until suds form. On the second bucket, add clean water with a fresh cloth that you will use for rinsing.
  2. Wipe the furniture using a cloth damp with soapy water. Start at the top of the piece before making your way to the inner corners.

Do not excessively wet the rattan, and make sure it only reaches slightly damp. Use a toothbrush to remove deep dirt from the weaving.

  1. Allow the rattan to dry naturally. If the piece is overly wet, use a clean cloth to wipe excess water from the material.

Yearly Cleaning

For yearly cleaning, these are the things that you should do.

  1. Inspect the rattan for possible problems. New pieces are less likely to have issues, but it is still essential to prevent worse situations. Look for possible signs of mold.
  2. If you spot a growing mold and mildew, use a solution of equal parts bleach and water. While wearing gloves, use a clean cloth and dip into the mixture.

Apply the solution to the area but try not to let it saturate the rattan. It would be best to let the pieces dry to the sun to speed up the process.

  1. Before using the rattan piece again, be sure to dry it entirely first. After that, you can use linseed oil to maintain the excellent condition of the fibers.

Start at the top to avoid drips, then wipe it all over the piece. The moisture the oil provides will keep the material solid and resistant to brittleness and breakage. Dry it under the sun for 48 hours before you use it again.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Rattan Clean Longer

  • Do not drag the rattan across the floor as it can damage the fibers.
  • As much as possible, avoid placing the pieces in areas with high humidity to maintain the material's durability.
  • If exposed to the sun, be sure to rotate it occasionally to prevent excessive fading.


A row of rattan lamps above a dining area

If you plan to add textures and accents to your home, you can never go wrong with choosing rattan pieces. Rattan lamp shades, in particular, add a magical touch to the room effortlessly and will complement your existing decorations and furniture.

If you don't see anything that caught your attention above, feel free to scroll around the site. We have numerous products that will surely brighten up your private spaces!


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