A rattan chair with two pillows on it

13 Best Rattan Chairs in Singapore (Plus Some Rattan Interior Design Tips)

Are you planning to have a minimalist space? To make your home more aesthetically pleasing, you might want to add these carefully picked rattan chairs in Singapore while exuding an elegant and homey vibe. 

The rattan furniture concept has been reinvented many times over the years — from the 1960s and 1970s' bohemian designs to the beautiful rural pieces of the 1980s and 1990s.

Rattan has the advantage of being adaptable to practically any interior design style. Homeowners can use rattan furniture on sale to create beach, antique, boho, or Scandinavian-inspired environments. It works well with any color scheme, especially olive green, dusty blue, vibrant red, and rich terracotta.

This list caters to different styles, shapes, and sizes so that it can fit a wide range of homeowners’ personalities. The rattan chairs could also be an accent chair or an armchair one, depending on your home needs. 

1. Malawi Chair

A black rattan chair with a white cushioned seat placed beside a white vase

If you are a great fan of boho, you might want to invest in a Malawi Chair. It comes with a seat cushion, back support, and a size big enough for anyone with an average weight. If you want to visualize it further, the chair comes explicitly in the size of 80cm x 70cm x 87cm. As such, you can use this chair for various purposes, whether for dining or occasional reasons.

It is made of natural rattan, which gives a more durable frame and an extended usage period. It also comes in different colors, such as black and white. If you prefer a natural-looking one, you may opt for the Malawi Chair with natural color.

If this sounds like an ideal treat for your home, you can order it at the price of $380.

2. Emmanuelle Chair

A white rattan chair with a black-and-white checkered seat

A fan of classic films would undoubtedly rave about Emmanuelle Chair, named after a 1974 French film. Like its origin, the chair also sends forth a vintage atmosphere. Its makers designed a chair with wicker and cane coupled with a back resembling a peacock’s spread-out tail. Its leg design is also refreshing like its entire theme, making it a real art piece. 

If this sounds like your interest, you can get it at the price of $530 with available colors such as white and natural. This chair is made of a rattan core and comes in 134cm x 65cm x 170cm. 

3. Marites Lounge Chair Natural

A natural rattan chair with a white cushion placed beside two plants in large rattan pots

Do you both go for a Bohemian style but in an eco-friendly way? Marites Lounge Chair Natural might be the one you are looking for. This chair’s material is made of 100% natural rattan with 80cm x 70cm x 87cm. 

This lounge chair is a perfect choice for outside rattan chairs in Singapore. With only a price of $330, you can do so much more such as reading, sunbathing, and even daydreaming while feeling the gentle breeze of the wind. 

4. Cow Leather / Teak Chair

A beige foldable rattan chair placed in front of a painting and beside a plant

Are you worried about space? Don’t fret because this Cow Leather/Teak Chair can help you achieve a contemporary style for your home. Not to mention that it will fascinate people with a thing for arts and design.

The chair is created with modern lines paired with a natural frame and beige leather. It also comes with an extra comfy cushion so you can get a good relaxation time.

In love with this modern rustic item deal? Get it at the price of $545. 

5. Charm Rattan Sofa

A wide natural rattan chair with a white cushion seat and two bolster cushions placed outside

Nothing is more ideal than sipping your choice of cocktail in a perfect daybed like the Charm Rattan Sofa. With its graceful lines made of natural rattan, two bolsters, and small cushion, you are not merely enjoying a soft mattress but also helping out the environment with its eco-friendly materials.

Up for pleasing your guests tonight with this comfortable sofa? You can estimate the number of people it could carry with a 200cm x 95cm x 10cm mattress size. Own it at the price of $725.

6. Penelope Chair

A natural rattan chair with a white cushioned seat in a garden

Like its namesake in Greek mythology, this rattan chair in Singapore is highly influenced by natural materials' intrinsic and feminine beauty. Penelope Chair is the perfect example of when old virtues marry clear-cut modern finishes.

This handmade chair allows various purposes such as reading, eating, or even merely enjoying your first coffee of the day. Its 69cm x 63cm x 58cm dimensions allow you, as the homeowner, to imagine what it is like to have this on your home.

Like what you visualized? Own it at the price of $320. 

7. Manhattan Arm Chair

A white rattan chair with black legs coupled with a black pillow is placed beside a plant in a large rattan pot

If you cannot decide between a retro theme and a new technology motif, Manhattan Arm Chair will fill the gap for you. The touch of rustic modern style is presented through the combination of rattan and iron frame.

The material and design of this rattan chair in Singapore are suitable for outdoor spaces such as veranda and patio. If you want this for your home, you can have it at the price of $145 with dimensions of 57cm x 64cm x 81cm. 

8. Paris Bench Beige

 A natural rattan chair with a white pillow and footrest is placed beside a wooden vase

Just like the city of lights, Paris Bench Beige is also distinguished with its aesthetic style. Those who want to travel back to the days they were in the city will be reminded of the atmosphere of its cafe seats with these rattan chairs.

It's a fantastic area to rest, prop up your feet, and enjoy the scenery, or as a valuable item in your entryway, thanks to the teak wood and the robust synthetic rattan in white color. Utilize it as a stool or pair it with a Paris lounge chair as a footrest to offer your space a revamp.

Although it gives a Paris-like vibe, one can find it in Singapore for $195. 

9. Catania Folding Chair Black

A black foldable rattan chair is placed beside a black pot plant and below a painting

With an extra-plush cushion, this Catania Foldable Chair is the right choice for you if you don't have sufficient space but appreciate contemporary style. It's made of Teak wood and cow leather.

It is an actual modern rustic object excellent for all design enthusiasts due to its sleek lines and mixing of kogniak frame and black leather. Give even your smallest balcony a sense of luxury with this functional yet straightforward chair that folds up easily.

Get this elegant and comfy chair for $545.

10. Papasan Lounge Chair

A natural rattan chair with a large white cushioned sea

The Papasan Lounge Chair features a swivel design that is so relaxing that it will quickly earn the most favorite seat in the house. The Papasan Lounge Chair's broad, puffy seating and changeable angle make it ideal for reading, relaxing, watching a movie, or even sipping a glass on your patio.

Its frame, constructed of wicker and natural rattan for a breezy style that works wonderfully with your summer-y décor, is designed on a curved and open base, allowing it to stand out both indoors and out.

You can have its generous cushion at the price of $390. 

11. Malawi 1.5 Seater Natural

A two-seater rattan chair with two pillows and a broad white cushioned seat placed between two potted plants

Whether you prefer bohemian design or enjoy collecting unique furniture, this Malawi 1,5-seater couch in natural color will undoubtedly meet your requirements.

It's made of natural rattan and handwoven, making it a trendy tribal look. Its spaciousness promotes warmth and makes it the most welcoming spot. Get it only at $350. 

12. Frankfurt Chair

A natural rattan chair with a white cushioned seat placed nearly outside a black carpet and beside a plant in a rattan pot

The Frankfurt Chair combines natural rattan sitting on dark, polished legs, offering flair and relaxation with a padded seat. With its material, you can do much more than merely resting, such as browsing your favorite magazine or binge-watching your newfound drama series.

This arched armchair is sleek and modern yet fashionable, and it would be an excellent complement to your living or dining room. If that sounds like a great idea, get it at the price of $145. 

13. Malawi 2 Seater Sofa Dark Natural

A two-seated natural rattan chair with two pillows

Whether you prefer bohemian design or enjoy gathering unique furniture, this Malawi 2-Seater Sofa in a dark natural hue will undoubtedly meet your requirements.

It's made of natural rattan and handwoven, giving it a trendy tribal look. Its spaciousness promotes comfort and makes it the most welcoming spot. You can also combine it with one of our rattan coffee tables to create an actual work of art in your living room.

How To Incorporate Rattan In Your Interiors

Have you observed how the Rattan Trend is becoming more popular in interior design? From British Colonial to Coastal, Bohemian, Retro, and Scandi, it appears that rattan furniture is firmly rooted in every design.

Bohemian Style

A wall with bohemian style decorations

Interiors in the bohemian style are varied and laid-back, with many fascinating patterns, textures, and colors competing for the spotlight. Nothing should clash in this design, and each piece should tell a narrative and have some personal significance.

As a result, the texture of a rattan item is ideal for this look. Include a one-of-a-kind rattan chair or sofa to add a relaxing aspect to the space instantaneously.

Country Style

A rattan chair beside a white wall

A classic Country style calls for a tighter, more consistent rattan weaving. It doesn't have to be all chintz and color to be considered country style. In a neutral palette, texture and pattern may be just as striking, resulting in a more scaled, beautiful rural vibe.

Coastal Style

A coastal style home interior

At the time, the coastal style was trendy. We no longer use blue and yellow to design our coastal homes, preferring to use neutral colors for a more sophisticated look. The disadvantage of this trend is that it might make the room appear flat and monotonous. As a result, it's critical to incorporate elements of various textures into a style like this.

It would be best if you looked outside the box for ways to create texture, in addition to diverse finishes for upholstery and accessories. A rattan pendant is a great way to add beach style to a space at a low price.

Hamptons Style

A hamptons style home interior

White furniture, fitted bed linen, and porcelain lamps are all typical trademarks of Hamptons decor. If you enjoy this aesthetic but want to make it more relaxed and coastal while maintaining some elegance, a rattan bedhead could help.


Neutral interiors are a favorite of ours. We like to experiment with color and, of course, we love to use natural plants. However, whether it's our love of bright white interiors, gentle grey tones, or warmer biscuit tones, we can't deny that our houses are typically reasonably plain in terms of color. 

There's nothing amiss with a simple color scheme, such as a beautiful array of neutrals from white through to grey, but you should try adding some texture to bring it to life. 

For such a reason, rattan furniture and accessories have become an essential part of our home decor. Without making us go broke, this is the ideal approach to add some uniqueness to your design.


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