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Home Renovation? Best Outdoor Furniture Ideas To Try For Your Next Project

Aesthetically placed beige outdoor furniture

The best way to maximize the use of your outdoor spaces is to transform them into a place you can seek comfort from. You can make it an outdoor dining area or a lounging site to finish your day with. You can also make it a second living room so you and your family can enjoy the beautiful weather of warm months.

Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Whether you have an ample space like a backyard and garden, or a smaller one such as balconies and verandas, you can bring life and function into the area by choosing the right furniture.

To do so, here are some tips that you might find helpful when planning to transform your outdoor areas into your favorite spaces.

1. Make a list

Before buying furniture, it would be best to think about what function will work best with your space. Do you enjoy hosting parties and gatherings? Do you love spending time with your loved ones or simply reading a good book in a quiet place? Imagine yourself in the location already and see what you want to do to make you happy.

Go for comfortable furniture with side tables, cushions, and a fire pit if you prefer a seating set. If you like the idea of outdoor dining, then go with a statement dining piece paired with beautiful plant decorations and plates setting.

2. Try the furniture before buying

The last thing you would want for your outdoor space is for it to be uncomfortable and uninviting. They are more likely to be used more often, especially if you are the type of person that enjoys lounging outdoors. Be sure that the piece you will buy is not only captivating but will also provide relief after a long day of work.

Also, check the furniture's material and see if it is weather-proof and mold-proof because you do not want to deal with that later.

3. Go with easy-care furniture

Most people's worries when buying outdoor furniture are the maintenance of the materials. With that in mind, look for easy-care pieces to minimize the need for constant cleaning.

The materials that work best with outdoor conditions are metal, cedar, teak, and rattan, as they do not break and stain easily. They are often made durable, so you can expect to enjoy their functionality for longer years.

You can always opt for a waterproof-proof fabric for cushions, but there are also outdoor furniture covers that you can use during rainy days and storms.

4. Consider your available storage

Outdoor spaces are not always great for usage, such as during the wet season. Before investing in them, consider your available space and storage first. Do you have a place to store the furniture to prevent damage and wearing like a garage, storage room, or basement?

If you have a smaller space like an apartment or condominium, opt for space-saving outdoor furniture for balcony in Singapore so they will be easier to store and maintain.

Rattan furniture placed on a deck

5. Match colors

Do not be afraid to mix and match different colors when choosing tones for your outdoor furniture. You can also match different textures and materials to develop the perfect look that you'll love.

When matching colors, you can consider the colors from your landscape and your home's interior. You don't always have to stay with neutral tones. Have fun with different hues that can bring life to your outdoor living spaces.

6. Invest in high-quality furniture

You can choose to purchase cheap furniture alternatives, but you cannot guarantee that they will last as long with constant usage. Plastic chairs and resin side tables might look good in the first few months, but they will eventually become brittle and fade after a year of sun and rain exposure. The same applies to some wood and wicker pieces.

Before making any big purchase, check the consumer reports and reviews first. Also, do not splurge on items you think you won't use as often. However, if you have the budget for large items, choose comfortable and durable outdoor furniture. You can always add small decorations, plants, pillows, and accents with them if you want.

7. Add outdoor rugs

Placing outdoor rugs is not a popular task as they tend to be hard to clean and not great when it comes to different weather conditions. However, there are quick-drying options that you can find in the market today! They can also come in different colors and textures to match your cushions and furniture.

Before buying one, make sure that it is suitable for outdoor living so you can enjoy the underfoot comforts it will provide.

8. Look for multi-purpose furniture

It would be great to have multi-purpose furniture if you have limited space and are on a budget. This eliminates the need for additional purchase of other stuff that you will need for your home.

You can use a stool as an ottoman to act as extra seating for your guests. You can also use it as a table when there's no one else around.

Best Outdoor Furniture Ideas For You

To give you a clearer look at what outdoor furniture Singapore spaces will look incredible, these are some of the items we have right now.

Nana Round Coffee Table

The Nana Round Coffee Table with decorative items on top

If you are looking for beautiful pieces with neutral tones to add to your garden spaces, the Nana Round Coffee table is excellent furniture to go with! It can bring a natural taste to your private place, making it more alluring and stylish.

This is also a good surface for your decorative embellishments, such as a decorative terracotta vase, plant pot, sculptures, signature pieces, and more. The possibilities are limitless! It is easy to pair with different items and furniture as it has a touch of both modern and boho sophistication.

The table is eco-friendly and lightweight as it is constructed with both natural and synthetic rattan. It also makes it more durable for frequent usage because good furniture should be not only beautiful but also practical and valuable.

You can purchase them alone or as a set, depending on your preferences.

Material: Rattan Synthetic

Dimensions: Big – D70cm x 50cmH / Medium – D60cm x 38cmH / Small – D50cm x 28cmH

Color: Natural White

Extreme Bench With Mattress

The Extreme Bench with Mattress placed outdoors

If you are a person who loves eco-friendly furniture and lounging outdoors for longer periods, this Extreme Bench with Mattress is something you should not miss!

This artistic piece is incredibly cozy and a perfect nest for leisure reading, hanging out with friends and family and even daydreaming. The graceful lines on the used material (recycled teak wood) come in a natural rough finish and color. This bench is truly a one-of-a-kind fixture that will surely spice up your patio!

Aside from the bench itself, the mattress is also worth noting! It is made of waterproof and durable material, so you won't have to worry about leaving it in your garden.

It works well with the different weather conditions the country has all year. This is one of the best teak outdoor furniture in Singapore you will see in the market!

Material: Rattan

Dimensions: 132cm x 85cm x 90cm H

Color: Natural

Dusseldorf Garden Lantern

The Dusseldorf Garden Lantern with a candle glass inside

Of course, your garden needs mood lighting to set up the ambiance if you plan to hang out during nighttime. What would be a better option than the Dusseldorf Garden Lantern?

The piece has a cylinder shape of rattan weaving and a hollow inside where you can place your candles and create a magical glow into your spaces. You can also use it for several occasions as a touch of rusticity and enchantment.

Material: Rattan

Dimensions: D 35cm x 45cm H

Color: Antique Brown

Bayou Stool

The Bayou Stool placed beside a plant

For a combination of traditional and modern furniture, the Bayou stool got you. This timeless woodwork is must-have outdoor furniture for terraces. It is made of teakwood, so you can ensure that the quality of durability of this piece is outstanding.

This stool can be a great accent to any of your spaces, whether your home design is modern, rustic, or Scandinavian. It is also eco-friendly and would stand out wherever you choose to place it. You can use it as a stool or as a coffee table where you can put all your table decorations, a Nordic round basket, magazines, trays, and more.

It is versatile, not only with its design but also with its structure.

Material: Teakwood

Dimensions: 50cm x 30cm x 50cm H

Color: Natural

Malawi White Chair

The Malawi White Chair with pillows on top

The Malawi White Chair has a mixture of boho and traditional style, making it the perfect chair for you! The size of this seat is wide enough to provide incomparable comfort paired with its back support and seat cushion. It can also be used as a dining chair if you want to experience the luxury of outdoor dining in your home.

The chair is made of natural rattan painted in white to bring out the artisan-style in your garden spaces. It looks like a piece of art, but you can take advantage of the comfort it provides.

The dining table and hanging-out discussions will surely last for a long time with this chair. It also comes in a natural and black color if you don't prefer white.

Material: Natural rattan 

Size: 80cm x 70cm x 87cm

Color: Black, White, and Natural

Manhattan White Arm Chair

The Manhattan White Arm Chair placed beside an outdoor plant

Are you more into new age and retro designs when it comes to furniture? Then look no more because this Manhattan Arm Chair might be the one you are looking for. The rattan gives off a rustic vibe, while the iron frame makes it look more suited to a modern setting. You can place it on a veranda, patio, and even indoors!

The broad structure makes it more comfortable to lounge even if it doesn't have a cushion. However, you can still match it with pillows and throws if you want. The addition of a Vintage Moroccan cushion or a Fringe Jute cushion will complete the look!

Material: Rattan & Iron frame

Dimensions: 57cm x 64cm x 81cm H

Color: White-Black legs

String Side Table

The String Side Table with a white vase on top

When it comes to classic designs, the string side table will always be one of the first things to mind. The elegant lines of the rattan weave will immediately get everyone in the room's attention. The bow shape with the narrow structure in the middle makes it sturdy and a perfect table to put your cold drinks on a sunny day.

This side table is excellent with functionality, design, and aesthetics. It is also easy to pair with boho furniture if you are more into the chic bohemian style. Rattan is also known for its durability, so you can expect to accentuate your space for long years to come.

Material: Rattan

Dimension: D 36cm x 44cm H

Color: Natural


Rustic Teak Dining Table

The Rustic Teak Dining Table placed outdoors

If you have a wide backyard space that you are looking to refurbish, you might as well go with large furniture and statement pieces. This Rustic Teak Dining table is a great piece to start with, and you will never regret incorporating it into your home!

It is handmade from reclaimed teak wood so that you can guarantee the quality of the material. It also comes in natural unvarnished color to add a rustic feel to it.

Imagine the countless memories you can create with this one from gatherings, hangouts, and late-night talks with your friends and families. Pair it with an Exotic Toucan Series Platter, and you are all set!

Material: Reclaimed Teak Wood

Dimension: L 220 cm x D 90cm 

Color: Natural unvarnished

Sumatra Coffee Table With Glass Top

The Sumatra Coffee Table with a plant on top

For subtle pieces, you can never go wrong with the Sumatra Coffee table with Glass Top. It is great for storing magazines, books, and displays! You can also feel the nostalgia it emanates with the curved lines of the rattan weave.

The structure provides vital support to the glass and the decorations and items you plan to put in it. The glass top makes it possible as well to place drinks and snacks without any worries.

Material: Rattan

Dimension: D 74cm x 43cm H

Color: Natural 

Round Carpet Black

A Round Carpet placed underneath a chair and table

Many people think that it is not possible to put carpets outdoors due to several reasons like weather conditions and dirt. However, this Round Carpet is made of synthetic rattan to withstand the effects of both the sun and rain.

Material: Synthetic Rattan

Dimensions: D 150cm

Color: Black


Outdoor furnishings will bring a new touch to your extra spaces at home. It also allows you to maximize your area, so you and your family have more places to create new memories.

Remember to go with what your heart desires because this furniture is to stay for a long time. You should also consider the comfort it provides rather than the appearance, but it is always a plus to have both in one fantastic piece.

These are only some of the best outdoor furniture Singapore has to offer. If you have anything else in mind, feel free to scroll around, and you might find the one you are looking for.


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