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5 Fascinating Things You Absolutely Need To Know About Dining Table And Chairs Today

The dining room table and chairs are significant pieces of furniture in a home. It is where families come together, share a meal, and talk about their day. It is also where you can hold special celebrations, parties, and holidays. 

For the longest time, chairs always matched the tables, making a perfect dining set. Today, though, open concept home styles and mix-up trends have been actively catching up and finally broken through that tradition. It allows homeowners and interior designers more freedom to create the perfect dining set! 

Unfortunately, with more options, it is now harder to choose the right one! 

To help with that particular dilemma, here is a detailed guide about the things you need to know about dining tables and chairs!

Types of Dining Tables and Chairs

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Dining tables and chairs differ based on material, style, shape, and base. These categories are all defining features of a dining set, and knowing about them would make it easier for you to choose what table and chair would suit your home best.

Here are various types of dining tables and chairs you can find in the market:

Dining Table

For dining tables, the shape and material are the best indicators of its type. Below are the most common type of dining tables:

1. Rectangular

A wooden rectangular table with round chairs

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Rectangular-shaped dining tables are undeniably the most popular type in the market. It is fitting for a large family and is best suited in a narrow and long room. This type of dining table is also practical and functional. 

Contrary to other types, you can change the location and position of your rectangular dining table. You can push it against a wall or place it in the middle of the room. Furthermore, it is versatile and gives you the freedom to be more creative. 

If you are looking for a rectangular dining table, you can try the Ithaka Dining Table 8 pax or Ithaka Dining Table 6 pax. These tables made of stunning teak wood may be simple in design, but they can leave a one-of-a-kind statement and impression to your guests. 

2. Round

A wooden round table with chairs

For smaller dining rooms and families, a round table might be the best choice. This type of table offers a good ambiance and a feeling of familiarity since everyone sits close to one another. 

A round dining table in Singapore, and anywhere really, consumes less space than other types of dining tables and could stimulate better conversation due to proximity. 

3. Square

A white dining table with chairs

Like round tables, square tables consume less space and are better suited for smaller rooms. It is the simplest shape and type of dining table out there. This type is common in simple and modern-style houses. 

4. Freeform

A wooden dining table with a unique design

If you are searching for a dining table already, you might notice less traditional shapes. These are free forms. They are dining tables with unusual shapes and are often custom-made. Freeforms are typically stylish and aesthetic. 

5. Wood

A wooden dining table placed outdoors

Photography: Irregular Lines

Wood dining tables are probably the classic choice. No matter how many new types of dining tables enter the market, wood tables will never become outdated or archaic — they evolve. Either the table is round, square, or rectangular, as long as it is made of wood, it would fit any interior decor. 

You can try out the Rustic Teak Dining Table. It is a statement piece with its teak wood and natural unvarnished color that could accentuate any room. The Bamboo platter/wine holder would also go well with any wood dining table of your choice!

6. Marble

A kitchen with a white marble table

While marble is typically for kitchen countertops, no one can deny the luxury and sophistication it brings when made into a dining table. You can expect a marble dining table in Singapore to be quite expensive but is it worth it with the additional class and elegance it brings to a room. 

This type of dining table can complement any interior decor. It is also durable and long-lasting.

7. Glass

A glass table and chairs with beige outlines

A glass dining table radiates a high level of class and style. It can open up the visual space of your dining room. It is also easy to clean.

The glass table top can give you the chance to experiment with frames. You can use wood, natural stones, or metal. You can use the 24 pieces of cutlery set to match your glass dining table. 

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are more specific in terms of type. Here are the most common types of dining chairs you can find.

1. Armchair

A black chair with a unique design

Photography: Irregular Lines

An armchair may be larger than other dining chairs, but it can add depth and character to a dining set. It turns out to be an elegant option and could complement a formal look and setting. Armchairs for the dining room usually have upholstered seats. 

The Manhattan Arm Chair Black is a good option if you are going for a retro and new-age style. Its mixture of rattan and iron frame makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings too. There is also a Manhattan Arm Chair White if you do not prefer black. 

For a more contemporary style, you can opt for the Frankfurt chair. This chair offers both style and comfort in the dining room!

2. Side Chair

A black dining table with black chairs

The side chair is the traditional choice for dining chairs. It is commonly known as the dinnertime staple. Its name takes after the fact it sits on the ‘side’ of a table. This type goes well for both casual and formal interiors. 

3. Parsons Chair

A round table with two parsons chairs

Parsons chair got its name from the Paris’ Parsons School of Design. It is famous for its lean and simple lines. This dining chair type can come in various fabrics and styles. Lastly, it can fit rustic, contemporary, modern, transitional, and modern-century modern!

4. Barrel Back Chair

A white chair with pillows and a blanket

Photography: Irregular Lines

Barrel Back Chairs have a bowl-like backrest, hence the name. They are versatile and extremely comfortable.

These chairs also have upholstered seats and are usually style-forward. Moreover, barrel backs would be perfect for mid-century modern, contemporary, and minimal interior!

The Malawi Chair White is an excellent barrel-back chair! It has a mix of traditional and boho styles that would make it a great dining chair. 

How To Choose The Perfect Dining Table and Chairs

A spacious dining area

The best dining furniture for you are ones that do not go over your budget, fits your space, are solidly constructed, and have a design that would not go out of style for you. To choose the best one, you will need to consider some core factors to ensure that your dining table and chairs are the right ones. 

Size and Space

When choosing dining furniture, it is extremely necessary to consider the space you have and the style you want. Before dropping by a furniture store or shopping online, make sure that you measure the space where the dining table and chairs will go. You may use your previous dining set as the basis of the measurements. 

You can see how big or long you can go without it taking too much space this way. To ensure maneuverability, make sure that the back of the chair is at least 3 feet away from the wall. 


Style is a core factor in choosing your dining table and chairs. There are several designs and styles available in the market to consider—From the traditional or classic ones to the more unique and unorthodox styles. 

Though, note that the style of your choosing must complement the interior decor of the room. It would improve the overall aesthetics of the room and maintain uniformity in terms of style. 


For your family and guests’ comfort, you must select the right and proper shape that would go well with the size and shape of the room. For narrow spaces with large families, a rectangular dining set would be best to accommodate everyone. 

Round tables better fit small and tight spaces. They are also an excellent choice for grand social functions as they provide a sense of communion among people that are seated. 


In selecting the material, you must consider how and when it is used. Wood tables and chairs, for instance, bring forth a sense of comfort and warmth during daily use.

It would also not easily show fingerprints or wear. Bamboo, marble, and concrete, on the other hand, are more stylish and would be better for those seeking to improve the aesthetic of a room. 

If you do not use your dining set often, you can opt for glass. Although, they tend to be more high maintenance and expensive. They can, however, bring elegance and style to a room. 


How to Take Care Of Your Dining Table And Chairs

A white dining table with comfortable green chairs

Regardless of whether you use your dining set daily or reserve it for special occasions, it would be a great idea to maintain it. Keeping them well-maintained extends their life and longevity. It saves you the trouble of needing to look for a new one a few years later. 

Consider the material of the dining set. Each type and material have different ways on how you can maintain them properly.


For wood, using them every day leaves behind wear and tears. You might want to consider natural hardwood as they are more solidly constructed and would last longer than cheap wood. You can also restore and refurbish wood. 

Dust your table daily. While it might be a menial task, it does wonders since dust build up can scratch the wood. Use a microfiber towel and avoid commercial silicone. 

Be cautious of rings, watches, and metal jewelry since they could leave stains and scratches. Also, do not slide pots and plates across the table. 


Those with glass table tops are more fragile. Every scratch on it is visible in certain angles and lights. Remove your jewelry while eating as it has a great chance of leaving scratches. 

Be extra careful when holding something over it. A heavy item dropped from a certain height will leave a crack or dent. 

Use placemats as a form of a protective layer. Also, make sure to use a natural glass cleaner. 


Marble surfaces are also easy to scratch, chip, and stain. To prevent your marble dining table from staining, coat it with protective sealers. This coating should be reapplied once or twice a year. 

Dust the surface regularly and wash the surface periodically with warm water and cloth.  

What Is The Average Cost of A Dining Table and Chairs?

A wooden dining table with overhead lighting

Dining tables and chairs are available at a wide variety of prices, all depending on certain factors. The starting price of a dining table alone is $150. The more luxurious the table is, the higher the price will be. Some high-end ones could go over $4,000!  

There are dining sets available in the market. These sets consist of a dining table and matching chairs. They tend to be over $200. 

Where to Buy Dining Table and Chairs in Singapore?

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Singapore is an expensive city to live in. Aside from the high-priced cost of living, you can expect that products, food, and furniture to be pricey as well.

Shopping for a dining set could be troublesome if you do not know where to look. As you go around, you might start asking, ‘where can I buy cheap dining chairs and tables?’. 

You can visit physical furniture stores and ask for their more budget-friendly dining sets. This way, you can also see the product in person before purchasing. You may also lookup dining sets online. This option provides you with a far, wider range of choices. 


A brown dining table with a painting in the background

The dining room is where fun and food meet! From lazy breakfasts in the morning to grand dinner parties, it all happens in the dining room of your home. This is why choosing the right dining table and chairs matters!

You can find the perfect dining table and chairs in Singapore here!


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