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Dining Room 101: An Informative Guide To The Best Dining Table And Chairs In Singapore

Whether it’s during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, having a meal with family or friends feels special every time. Sharing food while chatting with your loved ones is always a lovely scene. May it be inside the house or alfresco, dining lets you put everything away and be in the moment.

Because of the beneficial effects of dining with your loved ones, it is paramount to be as comfortable as possible while eating. A reliable and cozy dining table and chairs add to the relaxing ambiance. Some people even feel nostalgic when they get home and experience eating again in their family dining area.

It may be difficult for some to find an affordable dining table and chairs in Singapore. In this piece, we made a list of inexpensive yet dependable sets.    

Rectangular Wooden Dining Tables

The usual shape of dining tables is a rectangle. In some cultures, the head of the family must sit at one of the short ends. This custom exudes authority and is also noticeable in royal settings. For example, Queen Elizabeth II takes the head seat on the very long, rectangular dining table in Royal Palace.

In a more relaxed and laid-back setting, pieces such as the Ithaka Dinning Table and Rustic Teak Dinning Table are ideal. Both designs need all diners to sit at either of the long ends of the table. The legs are positioned close to the short ends, so there will be no more awkward moments on who gets to sit at the head.

Ithaka Dinning Table

The Ithaka Dinning Table placed in a garden dining area

The Ithaka Dinning Table comes in either 6- or 8-seater configuration. The former is 200 cm in length, whereas the latter is 240 cm long. Both are 90 cm wide and naturally furnished. Each piece is handmade from reclaimed teak wood and has a durable structure. The design fits in all places and pairs well with any chair or bench.

Rustic Teak Dinning Table

The Rustic Teak Dinning Table positioned in a yard

The Rustic Teak Dinning Table measures 220 cm in length and 90 cm in width. It has a more elaborate leg design that is both stunning and functional. Like the Ithaka Dinning Table, the Rustic Teak Dinning Table is handmade from reclaimed teak wood. It has natural varnish, which accentuates the rings and lines in the wood.

What Makes Them Unique?

A newbie in the world of furniture might think that the price of both the Rustic Teak and Ithaka Dinning Table is related to its simple design. This price point corresponds with the material used, which is teak. Teak is a classic example of a commodity with high demand and limited supply, hence the high price. 

The high demand for teak is because of the following properties:

  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Pest-resistant
  • Rot-resistant
  • Minor shrinkage
  • Non-corrosive with steel
  • Looks (it weathers to a silver-gray hue)

The supply of teak faces some constraints. In Myanmar, where it is primarily grown, government regulations on logging have become stiffer. Also, the exporting of logs is now banned. Only processed lumber is allowed, which is more expensive because of the processing costs.

Another cause of the high price point for teak products is the political situation in Myanmar. The civil unrest in the country has been going on up to this day. This scenario makes it costlier to do business, and as a result, the price of commodities increases. 

If you have not noticed, the tables above use reclaimed wood. Reclaimed timbers are known for their durability and strength, history, and character. These are pieces of old, premium-quality lumber used in the following during the 18th to early 20th century:

  • Factories
  • Barns
  • Ships
  • Farms
  • Warehouses
  • Wine casts

Reclaimed woods came from old-growth trees — trees that grew slowly to their full maturity. The slow growth (reaching from decades to centuries) results in more compact fibers. Thus, the lumber product is more robust and more durable. Today, the cutting of old-growth trees is illegal due to ecological reasons. 

Marble Dining Tables

A marble table with dessert and utensils on it

A marble dining table in Singapore will not cost a fortune — yet, it will provide an elegant vibe in any house. The price depends on the quality, design, style, and patterns of the stone.

Marble remains to be a timeless material for dining tables and other furniture. Whether you buy ready-made or customized pieces, marble tables are a luxurious addition to your dining area.

A marble dining table consists of the marble slab sitting atop a base made of either metal, wood, or other stones. The edges can be customized according to the clients’ desire — angled bevel, rounded, or squared.

Marble has a low refractive index so that light can travel deep into it. The result is the waxy look that gives life to marble pieces.

Another advantage of getting marble dining tables is their heat resistance. Wood is also able to conduct heat, but it will burn at a certain point. Also, a glass table is not a good choice when serving hot foods. With marble tables, you can put utensils and pots straight from the stove onto its surface.

For maintenance, spills on marble surfaces must be wiped dry immediately so that the liquid does not seep into the stone. Regular resealing is also necessary for the same reason. When shopping for a marble dining table, check for cracks and crevices. These imperfections will worsen if left unattended.  

Round Dining Tables

A black round table and chairs

Round dining tables offer a more intimate and less formal experience in dining. A round dining table in Singapore works best in smaller rooms.

Using a round dining table for large gatherings is unwise since the distance between diners is considerable, so they may need to shout to hear each other. Round dining tables also do not seat as much as rectangular ones due to their geometry.

One advantage of round dining tables is you can install a rotating center platform. This area is where significant portions of food are placed. Diners get their servings by rotating the platform. This setup is typical in Chinese dining rooms.

As much as possible, we want to reserve dining tables for their primary purpose. Yet, there are times that we use them for other functions. For instance, some families play board games at the same table where they had dinner. Round tables are ideal for this situation since every player can reach the board quickly.

Round tables also work with either an odd or even number of dining chairs. In rectangular tables, an even number of chairs is essential, lest you want to avoid drawing attention to a missing spot. Bad seats are also not encountered in round tables. These areas are where it is hard to join the conversation or reach the food.

Whether you want a table made of wood, marble, or glass, a round piece is always an option. Circular objects tend to draw attention, thus keeping the eyes of your guests off the surrounding clutter. The round shape also gives the impression of cut-off corners, making the room feel more spacious. Due to its informal aura, round tables also work in dining-kitchen areas. 

Dining Chairs

We are accustomed to the straight, slim, and high-back configuration of dining chairs. Yet, some dining tables will only accommodate certain types of chairs. Also, there is the question, ‘Where can I buy cheap dining chairs?’

We got your back and listed down some pretty stools, chairs, and benches that you can partner with your dining table.

Emmanuelle Chair

A woman sitting on the Emmanuelle Chair

You may not want to give up the high-back of the standard dining chairs, so you may want to try the Emmanuelle Chair. This chair draws inspiration from the French film Emmanuelle. It can add to the Bohemian or vintage vibe of any room.

The fan back portrays the splayed tail of a peacock, and the wicker and cane were expertly woven. Made of rattan, this chair comes in white and natural colors.

If the grandeur of the Emmanuelle chair is too much for you, try the Malawi, Penelope, or Frankfurt chair instead.

Malawi Chair

A cushioned Malawi Chair with a rattan pillow on it

The Malawi chair exudes a mix of traditional and boho styles. It is generously sized and has a seat cushion. The back support makes it ideal for dining and recreational purposes. This piece is made of rattan and is available in white, black, or natural colors.

Penelope Chair

A Penelope Chair placed outdoors

If you want the combination of old-fashioned and modern style, the Penelope Chair might be a better fit for you.  It comes in natural color and has a height of 58 cm. This handmade rattan chair will keep you relaxed while doing things such as:

  • Reading your favorite book
  • Having a leisurely lunch or dinner 
  • Enjoying your morning coffee

Frankfurt Chair

A Frankfurt Chair beside an indoor plant

Lastly, the Frankfurt Chair is a piece that is cool, contemporary, and stylish at the same time. The seat itself is made of rattan and comes with a cushion. The legs are made of dark varnished teak wood. It stands higher than the Penelope Chair at 91 cm.

A close relative of the Frankfurt Chair is the Manhattan Arm Chair. It has the rattan seat of the Frankfurt Chair but has black iron legs instead of wood. This combination of materials makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in black, white, and natural colors.


Who said sofas are exclusive for the living room? The pieces to be discussed here are not full-blown sofas. We are talking about the Malawi 1.5-seater and the Malawi 2-seater sofas.

Malawi 1.5-Seater

The Malawi 1.5-seater beside a wall

The Malawi 1.5-seater is a more expansive version of the Malawi Chair. Compared to the 80 cm width of the latter, the former is 120 cm wide. That is more than enough room for a relaxing dining experience! This piece is made of handwoven rattan and will stand out in both an indoor and outdoor setting.

Malawi 2-Seater

The Malawi 2-Seater with 2 pillows on it

If you do not want to lose the close feeling while dining, you may choose a Malawi 2-seater sofa. With a width of 140 cm, it can fit two people while maintaining comfort for each one. It comes in natural color and complements any pillow. 


Sometimes, especially if you have guests, your usual dining chairs are not enough to seat everyone. This scenario is the reason why it is always wise to have some stools in your inventory. They may not have the relaxing back support of chairs, but they are tidy and can easily be hidden when not in use.

Examples of such stools are Reclaimed Teak Stool and Cyprus Stool. The former gains from the following benefits of using reclaimed teak wood: 

  • Beautiful natural color and lines
  • Vintage vibe
  • An eye-catcher

Reclaimed Teak Stool

The Reclaimed Teak Stool sitting beside an indoor plant

Despite the simple appearance of this chair, you will be surprised by its sturdiness and versatility when it comes to interior design. These benefits come from the natural ability of teak wood to make your furniture stand out.

Cyprus Stool

Two Cyprus Stools beside a white wall with bohemian decor

The Cyprus Stool is made of teak wood and seagrass. The natural materials and neutral hue make it suitable in any space.

Not only are these stools usable in dining, but they can also serve other purposes. You may want to place them near your door and sit on them while tying your shoes before going out. The potential is vast when it comes to these pieces.


Another alternative to use when you run out of chairs is benches. You can also set your plants or books on them when you do not have any guests. The Pykel Bench and Rustic Small Bench are both made of reclaimed teak wood. Both also come in natural color and are pleasing to the eyes.

Top view of the Pykel Bench

A Rustic Small Bench with a basket underneath


Getting a dining set is an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially for new families. Hopefully, you were able to get a foretaste of the different choices you have when shopping for dining tables and chairs. These are very affordable and durable so that you can pass them on to the next generation in your family.


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