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The 10 Best Coffee Tables In Singapore To Liven Up Your Home

A coffee table is undoubtedly a piece of furniture that can make or break a living space. It evolved way past its primary function of merely holding drinks and beverages. Now, coffee tables can stash away blankets beneath hidden lids, stand in place of kitchen islands in smaller living spaces, and even be the main centerpiece of a room! 

Despite tables technically only fitting the ‘coffee’ range when they are lower than your couch, their widths and heights more than make up for it! Today, coffee tables can come in every size, shape, style, function, and material. 

With so many options and choices readily available, picking the best possible one is going to be challenging. You can find the best coffee table Singapore online on Irregular Lines!

1. Mario Coffee Table

 Mario Coffee Table with lemons on a shallow bowl on top

Are you looking for a budget-friendly coffee table that is still stylish and modern? Irregular Lines released the Mario Coffee Table, a boho-themed style table that can give your living space a textural and woven addition. It mixes teak top and white rattan, which goes well for brightly lit rooms and areas. 


2. Malawi Coffee Table

The Malawi Coffee Table placed in a bohemian-style living space

Black furniture could always bring elegance and sophistication to a room. The Malawi Coffee Table does just that with its trend-driven round design made of woven black wicker rattan. 

With its sleek color that is highlighted with a unique line design and rattan pattern, this black coffee table can fit almost any interior!

3. Hawaii Coffee Table 

Side view of the Hawaii Coffee Table with a flower arrangement decor

A combination of whitewashed driftwood and rustic coastal decor can indeed be the grand centerpiece of your living space! This Hawaii Coffee Table lets the beauty of its sculptural teak design shine and free to be admired with its glass top. It is a fully functional table that can make any room it is in much more aesthetically pleasing!

4. Sumatra Coffee Table with Glass Top

side view of the Sumatra Coffee table with a candle holder decor on top

This Sumatra Coffee Table leaves a subtle but lingering statement with its natural rattan and glass top in any room. The storage below the table provides the perfect space for books, magazines, and board games, while the top serves as a surface for eye-catching home decor. 

It has a crisp design with a traditional and nostalgic appeal that could go well for almost any home interior! You can place a Doro Flower Plant Stand next to it to complete the look! 

5. Berlin Coffee Table

Side view of the Berlin Coffee table with a matching style rug and complimentary couch and pillows.

If you want to stick to a more natural look, the Berlin Coffee Table is a perfect choice! This natural rattan table has a boho and industrial-style design with its stunning pattern and graceful lines. Adding this to your living space can indeed bring about a more fresh and modern feel and vibe!

The Frankfurt Chair would be a great accompanying piece to this table. Being a top-quality coffee table chair in Singapore, it can offer comfort and style with its stylish rattan seating and soft cushioned seat. 

6. Rattan Symphony Coffee Table

Corner view of the Rattan SymphonyCoffee Table with a plant in a stylish black vase on top

Are you searching for a long table that can leave an impression? The Rattan Symphony Coffee Table does that and more! This table is perfect for spacious living rooms or ones with L-shaped sofas. 

This table has 2 compartments that offer extra space for items you do not like to display or leave out in the open. Its modern and minimalistic design makes it easy to blend and fit any space! 

7. Nana Round Coffee Table / Tray

A side view of the Nana Round Table with a potted plant and candle holder on top

For those with small and ample space in their homes, a coffee table might not be top priority furniture to have unless they are small and compact. The Nana Round Coffee Table is the ideal table to have if you are looking for a space-efficient piece with an alluring appeal and eye-catching design. 

It is a boho-style round tabletop that adds upscale class to your living space. Made of rattan, this table is lightweight and eco-friendly. It is indeed a piece that can upgrade your home interior! 

The Zolora Candle Holder would also go well with this coffee table! 

8. Rattan Round Coffee Table

A corner view of the Rattan Round Table with a potted plant on top

The Rattan Round Coffee Table would be the ideal furniture to have when you want to enjoy tea or while reading your book on your patio. It is a sturdy rattan table with a good pattern, complete with a glass top. 

This table is available in two dimensions for more options (D60 cm and D80cm).

9. Indian Coffee Table With Glass Top

The Indian Coffee Table with a potted plant and positioned near a chair

For a sleek and slim coffee table for a small living space, the Indian Coffee Table with Glass Top is an excellent choice! It is a short wood teak table with a narrow flat base and body that offers stability and sturdiness. This table is accented with a geometric pattern that adds depth to its wooden texture.

You can pair this table with the Nicol Round Rug. It is a stunning seagrass rug that can help accentuate the decor in any room. 

10. String Coffee Table

A full view of the String Coffee Table with a plant and candle decor

The String Coffee Table is made of graceful lines and patterns of rattan weave. It is narrow at the center yet sturdy and stable. The design and construction create a beautiful aesthetic that can accent any living space in your home. 

How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Table?

You can expect that all coffee tables in Irregular Lines are high-quality and well-made. That just made it harder to choose the perfect coffee table. To help, here is a simple guide to know what you should consider in selecting a coffee table for your home!


Coffee tables come in various shapes and sizes. The main shapes you can choose from are oval, rectangular, round, and square. Each shape has its characteristics and benefits. 

For instance, an oval table is excellent at function and balancing form. It offers ample space at the top for storing and does not have any sharp edges!

Rectangular ones have a more modern style and could provide the most amount of workspace. Round tables look more inviting for large families and guests, while square tables could give a room a symmetrical look. 


Finding the right size matters in choosing your coffee table. A good rule is that your coffee table should not be two-thirds of the length of your sofa and should be around the same height as it.  


In choosing your coffee table, you must consider decorating the surface. Will you display books or family albums? Will you use a candle, a vase of flowers, or a tray? 

It is always best to think ahead. This way, you can create a visual in your head you can follow. Consider the style, design, and color of the table beforehand. It is to make sure that it would fit with your home interior!


Like shapes, there are also several materials you can choose from. Marble, wood, glass, rattan, and brass are some of the most commonly used ones. Though, it is essential to note that every material has its benefits and drawbacks you should look up first before making your purchase. 

Glass, for example, is very aesthetically pleasing, but they are fragile and could break easily. Tables with metal bases are durable and long-lasting, but they are expensive. Wood is also durable, but they are heavy. 


While there are several simple coffee tables out there, you may want to consider some additional functionality and features. Some tables have shelves, compartments, and drawers where you can tuck away your blankets, books, and other living room essentials. A few also have lift-top surfaces that can make them easier for you to use. 


Coffee tables are a practical and valuable addition to your living space as they provide a convenient space to display decor, place drinks, and kick your feet up to relax and lounge. There is now an endless pool of choices for coffee tables to choose from! 

If you are wondering about where to buy coffee table in Singapore, you can always shop at Irregular Lines!


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