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10 Best Rattan Furniture Pieces for Your Living Space

Since the age of British Colonial style, rattan furniture has drifted in and out of trend. The colonial style uses natural materials that allow movement and expansion when exposed to heat and humidity--it is inspired by the tropics. It’s no surprise there’s a lot of rattan furniture Singapore has to offer.

Over the years, we’ve seen reinventions of the rattan furniture trend. From the Bohemian designs of the 60s-70s to the fabulous country pieces of the 80s-90s.

The best thing about rattan is that it’s compatible with almost any interior style. You can use rattan furniture on sale for creating coastal, vintage, boho, or Scandinavian-themed spaces. It can with any palette—particularly olive green, dusty blue, dynamic red, and warm terracotta.

So, we’ve rounded up 10 pieces you can put together:

1.Papasan Lounge Chair

rattan char with circular back

Irregular Lines definitely knows how to create the perfect rattan chair for lazy Sundays! The Papasan Lounge Chair features a disk-like body that is positioned at the ideal angle for relaxation. With its generous cushion, you can enjoy long hours of napping or just lying back to enjoy the view. 

It can quickly become the most popular furniture in your house!

2. Norma Daybed with Mattress 

rattan lounge chair with cushion

Turn your deck or patio into a more functional space with the Norma daybed. It can be used as a sofa for lounging on holidays or a bed for friends crashing for the night. The solid construction of this daybed is evident but also neutralized by a mattress and bolster cushions.

Put a Santorini Vase with Dried Palm Leaves on one side of the daybed for a more sophisticated look.

3. Berlin Coffee Table

rattan coffee table with magazines on top

Every nook needs a coffee table! 

The Berlin Coffee Table brings a fresh feel to any space, with its warm hues and graceful lines. It is made of beautiful curved arches that overlap each other and weave together. The design is definitely going to be a conversation starter. 

Complement the table with a Round Display Wood Bowl or a Timor Round Décor Plate.

4. Long Island Sideboard

teak cabinet with Bintang dividers

Made of a teak frame and rattan webbing, the Long Island Sideboard is a deluxe addition to your space. It has stunning Bintang dividers that complement coastal or country living. The compartments are large enough to accommodate books, shoes, scarves, etc.

Place a Closeout Teak Bowl on it or some vases to keep it refined even if you use it for storage. It’s one of the most popular rattan furniture for sale!

5. Puppy / Cat Bed Corner

pet bed made of rattan

Of course, your furry friend also needs to be cozy! Gift your cat or puppy with this handmade pet bed corner made of top-quality rattan. This rattan bed can be tucked in the patio, living room, or living room. 

6. Paris Catania Lounge Chair Cream

rattan lounge chair and rattan footrest

The Paris Catania Lounge Chair Cream can quickly turn an ordinary afternoon in the backyard into a classy experience. This outdoor chair is a fantastic combination of teak wood and synthetic rattan. With its ergonomic design, you can spend hours on it without back pain. Pair it with a footrest of the same colour to enhance comfort.

7. Rattan Lamp

hanging rattan lamp

Rattan lamps are the epitome of tropical luxury. This lamp features a dramatic design that can boost the character of your ceiling. The natural tones of rattan shine through it and spread through the space, highlighting shapes and textures. 

8. Rattan Round Mirror

mirror with rattan frame hanging on the wall

Mirrors help create an illusion of depth and space—and you’d want a mirror that can get together with the furniture and another décor. Thankfully, this Rattan Round Mirror is a perfect fit for modern and traditional homes. 

You’ll be surprised by the huge number of amazing rattan furniture on sale today. The mirror doesn’t have to be alone! You may position it above a Morocco Style Console.

9. Rattan Rocking Horse

rocking horse made of rattan

This is a reimagining of the classic rocking horse, handcrafted using high-quality rattan. It’s a perfect addition to your child’s playroom or nursery room. To cushion the space, consider putting a Recta Carpet or a Snowflake Round Rug.

10. Square Rattan Pendant Lamp

pendant lamp made of rattan place on the floor

Accent lighting is essential to set the mood. The Square Rattan Pendant Lamp can highlight specific areas in your home and create a dramatic effect. It can stand alone or next to an Irene Vase or a Decorative Paddle.

How to Take Care of Rattan Products

All rattan products from Irregular Lines are crafted with superior precision using only high-quality materials. However, just like any other product, synthetic or natural—some maintenance is required.

  • Rattan furniture usually has a lot of nooks and crannies where dirt and dust can accumulate. So, dust or vacuum it weekly. Perform damp cleaning monthly and wipe any spill immediately. 
  • Check your rattan for any damage or mildew growth at least once a year, especially those pieces that have been left outdoors. 
  • Recondition the rattan after cleaning by wiping it down with boiled linseed oil. This type of oil restores moisture and shine in rattan fibers, which can help prevent breakage. Make sure the rattan piece is completely dry before using it again.

More Tips on How to Make Your Rattan Products Last Longer

  • Avoid dragging rattan furniture across the floor. Lift it when you need to move it.
  • Put rubber caps on the legs of rattan furniture to reduce pressure.
  • Avoid exposing rattan products to excessive temperatures.
  • If possible, cover your outdoor rattan outdoor chairs or any other rattan piece.
  • Use the upholstered cushion on rattan dining chairs for equal weight distribution.

Rattan furniture makes a stylish statement for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its ability to expand is also suitable for the climate in Singapore. Moreover, it can last for decades if maintained properly. Find more rattan pieces here.


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