From conceptualize to completion . Either is a full house or some specific areas together we will design and execute your design visions. Once we have complete together the design consultation we will follow up with a proposal for the full project. Taking you through the 4 phases required we will start work on the full projects. We are working with local resources and we use our own contractors. We support local suppliers or we source for you if items are not in stock . The items which will picked from our ever natural and sustainable rattan and wood collection will be subject to 10% discount . Our design process is easy and collaborative .We love our customers to be involved in the process and be part of the journey. Together we will walk through the steps and make decisions on design , colors and purchases. Let's discover the steps together!

*The minimum investment for a full projects is 3500$ depends of the scope of works. Our payment method is breaking down to the reflected phases.


Phases of full project design

PHASE 1 : Design Consultation

Schedule an IN HOUSE STYLISH design consultation with our head designer Theodora Martinou . We'll get to know each other and together we will discus the role of your space , functionality ,the challenges that you might facing in your home, your design mood vision and style. We'll cove any questions you might have as well as your home's potential. We will provide you with professional advice , sharing stylish ideas , furniture re arrangements ,colors schemes and design tips that will give a boost to your space and create a warm inviting space to call home .

PHASE 2: Design Mood and Planning

In this phase we will provide with design mood ideas and design presentation for your project having consider the existing inventory (if any). Presentation and ideas brainstorming (up to 2 amendments) will be provide to you for your approval. In a second section of this phase we will design possible carpentry , tiling, bathrooms, Kitchen and any other areas that required planning . Our planning is coming to 3D or 2D depends on any individual space. After approval we draft the detail drawings for customization and we provide contractor's quotation.

PHASE 3: Purchasing

Once approved and complete phase 2 of the design journey , is time for you to walk around and visit our recommend shops with tour design presentation. Many of our clients enjoy this process and love to do it themselves so they can feel the textures and discover the comfortless of potential furniture purchases like sofas, beds, chairs etc .Of course we are always here to execute this part on your behalf if you facing time constraints and help you making purchases of materials, furniture and styling elements.

PHASE 4: Installation and Styling

We will schedule the installation , supervise and coordinate with all involved contractors and suppliers and ensure that the execution will align with the time frame has been agreed and discussed by the us and the client. We will walk through together after completion of installation and we will do all necessary adjustments. Our contractors craftamship have a warranty of 180 days period after the final touch up. At the end you will be realsie how all design, details and installation have come together to create and develop your desired project.


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