Are you in need for a big change in your private space? Do you want a refurbishment but you don't know how to do it? Do you like new ideas and new materials in your home? Here we have the best solution for you!!! You can now have the chance to make your space like the one you dream of!!Now, Interior design is more accessible than it's ever been due to technology! We are glad to announce you our new service which you can enjoy just from your laptop! How can this be possible? Of course by arranging personalized sessions with our head designer Theodora Martinou just by a click!
We understood that now that people are more informed and they have many decorative influences, they need a professional direction to fulfill their needs. We decided to fill that gap and create flexible design services committed to your budget and time constraints. Whether you want a few touches in your bedroom or a full refurbishment in your house here we are to give you the best advice and help you to implement your ideas professionally.
Our sessions are fully personalized depending on your expectations and needs. It is about styling sessions which will help you understand the interior design and together we can give a new angle of view to your favorite place. Our sessions in general refer to those people who due to busy schedule have no room for decorating and organizing their space even if it is a whole house or a small office, those who are on a tight budget but still desire a beautiful, well pulled together space, those who own great furniture pieces but don't have interior design knowledge or those who simply desire a beautiful, inviting home Our 45' online session costs 150 SGD and can be booked right from our website.
This is an opportunity to work with a professional designer and get great service and an amazing end result in low cost. Let's discover the magic of the interior design together!!!


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